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Our preferred method of payment is by cashier’s check or money order issued by a bank (no personal checks). However, for your convenience, we offer online credit card payment through our secure Verisign partner so that you can make a payment using the form below. A convenience fee of $60 is added to these online payments. There is a maximum dollar amount for each transaction of $3000.

These online payments apply to the KCP portion of your registration only. If you are applying through one of our affiliate or sponsor schools, you are still responsible for their registration and application fees. Make those payments directly to the school, not to KCP.

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Takatsu-sensei was by far the best kanji teacher: he draws all sorts of little pictures to help students remember the meanings of the kanji. His kanji practice method is highly effective for me. Takatsu-sensei’s pictures illustrated many important grammar points.

—Erika Trnka

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