Our Dedicated KCP Teachers

It’s been a week or so since the start of the term. As you can see in the photos below, the teachers are already in full-throttle! The photos were taken at 6 pm; even at that time there were still teachers and some students at school.

Deep in concentration, checking a student’s papers. | KCP Flickr

Students typically hang out in the student lounge to study and chat with friends. Meanwhile, teachers discuss schoolwork with their colleagues or correct students’ homework, compositions, quizzes, etc. Correcting the assignments of students is an important learning process for teachers. Whenever they see answers written by students that are different from what they expected to see, teachers try to analyze the thought patterns of students in those answers to figure out why or how they came to their answer. This analysis helps teachers refine their teaching skills so they can lead students to better understand their assignments.

KCP teachers discuss students’ assignments. | KCP Flickr

It’s common knowledge that teachers at KCP are highly committed to their students’ success. This is one of the characteristics of the KCP school culture—the very devoted teaching staff. They are all highly serious about getting students to gain proficiency in the Japanese language . . . . and highly playful occasionally, since playing is a great way to learn.

Looks like she’s finished her grading! | KCP Flickr