KCP Class Cooks with Japanese Students

Something about food and enjoying it brings people closer together. In mid-February, the KCP cooking club had a blast in their cooking session with Japanese college students from Hosei University.

Under the supervision of Tanaka-san and Utami-san, KCP rented a cooking room at Yotsuya Ward Center, where students created delicious gyoza (Chinese dumplings) and mapo tofu (a Szechuan dish made of marinated pork, mashed black beans, and bean curd.) Both these dishes originated in China but are now a part of daily Japanese cuisine.

Everyone had a fantastic time cooking and eating their succulent creations, while in the company of new friends.

Students make gyoza by wrapping a meat mixture with gyoza skin, which is made of flour. | KCP Flickr

Food looks delicious; everyone’s totally absorbed in their “work.” | KCP Flickr

Students take a little break from cooking to smile for the camera. | KCP Flickr

KCP students show off their culinary creation. | KCP Flickr

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