Discovering Nakano Broadway

Akihabara or Akiba in Japan, is the Mecca of Japanese gaming and gadgetry. Hundreds of shops line the streets, selling all the latest electronic devices you can think of, from compact digital cameras to 60” flat screen televisions. Akiba is also known to be the center of Japanese otaku and pop-culture since the massive renovation the area undertook in the 2000’s. It has become a favorite destination for the avid cosplay, anime, and electronic geeks.

For anime and manga lovers, there’s a new destination to discover called, Nakano Broadway. Nakano (中野区 Nakano-ku, “Middle Wild Field”), is a special ward in Tokyo that was founded on the 1st of October, 1932 when Nogata and Nakano were absorbed into the former Tokyo City as Nakano Ward.

Nakano Broadway. | Miguel Bernas

The current administration is more recent dating from the 15th of March, 1947 when the Allied occupation reformed the administration of Tokyo-to.

Nakano Broadway is a four-level shopping complex. The second and third levels are where many anime and idol related shops are found. The ground level has shops selling clothes, shoes and other used goods where you can treasure hunt. The basement level is a marketplace where locals shop for their groceries. There are also magazines, other collector items, dolls, figurines, game consoles, video games, CD’s, souvenirs and so much more!

Shopping at Nakano, Japan. | Warren Antiola

Nakano Broadway is a dream come true for manga and anime collectors and anyone ready to find a bargain or if you have something specific in mind, it’s an all in one shopping place for whatever you can think of.

Going to Nakano Broadway you’ll most likely pass Nakano Sunmall, a 225 meter stretch of road filled with a variety of shops selling almost anything and everything from food, jewelry, clothes, game consoles, books, and medicine.

Nakano night scene, Japan. | Trevor Dobson

On the side streets from Nakano Sunmall main shopping street, there’s a maze of food alleys with izakaya and other kinds of restaurants that will satisfy your taste buds. Nakano Broadway and Nakano Sunmall are two great places to visit and discover while in Japan!