I hope to come back next year and learn even more.

Deaunna from 2014

Which events or activities did you find the most satisfying and why?

The trip to the different temples in Yamanashi.

What were your goals in attending the KCP program?

To be able get listening skils, better grammar, and communication skills.

Why did you select this program?

It offered the most in learning experience and was cheaper for me as a college student.

Were you pleased with the general living arrangements? Anything you especially liked? Any problems you experienced?

I was pleased. I especially liked that we had our own rooms because it has helped me get ready to live on my own. It gave me more responsibility.

Any further thoughts or tips for those considering the program or new KCP students?

To new students I would say, don't be afraid to ask for help. Even if you do not have enough or any vocabulary to get your question across.

Any other comments or suggestions?

Being a shy person and in a whole new country, I was glad to be able to talk Michiko-san. She was very helpful in answering my questions I had. That I didn't know how to ask in Japanese. I can't thank Kato-sensei enough for all her help in explaining things that I learned in class, so I could better understand. I hope to come back next year and learn even more. どうもありがとうございます!

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I chose this program because of its well-favored reviews on various sites as well as the intensity provided by the classes. I looked for a challenge and KCP certainly provided that for me.

—Derrick Lieu