The teachers were extremely helpful and skilled in teaching grammar and vocabulary.

Britny from Spring 2016

Which events or activities did you find the most satisfying and why?

I liked the picnic at the park because it gave me a chance to hangout and talk with my new classmates.

Why did you select this program?

From the description on the KCP website, this program seemed to fit my needs the best.

What were the most productive and interesting aspects of the program for you? The least interesting and productive?

The teachers were extremely helpful and skilled in teaching grammar and vocabulary. Having conversation practice in class was also very helpful in practicing new grammar. I found the readings in 読解 to be really difficult. The readings often had too many vocab that we had not gone over before. I think that it would be more helpful to do two readings instead of four, so that we have time to actually master the readings and vocab.

What activities or materials did you find most helpful (e.g., pair work, drill practice, tests, small group sessions, textbooks, games)?

Minna No Nihongo was a very helpful textbook. I felt that the tests were also helpful. Pair work was good for getting conversation practice.

What did you find most valuable in the Culture Course?

The trips were fun and informative

Where did you live?

Kasai, dorm nearest to the station

Were you pleased with the general living arrangements? Anything you especially liked? Any problems you experienced?

I really liked the amount of room I had in the dorm. The dorm managers were very helpful and kind.

Any further thoughts or tips for those considering the program or new KCP students?

It's defiantly an intense program. The teachers are strict, the workload is much more than I have ever received in any college courses in the U.S. If a student goes to KCP expecting to spend most of their weekdays studying and doing homework they will be better prepared mentally.

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KCP offered the most in learning experience and was cheaper for me as a college student.

—Deaunna Byrd