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Begin your application process here, and learn of possible financial aid sources for Japanese language training.

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Fill the application out completely and send it to the mailing address on the application form. We will notify you via email of your acceptance status two to three weeks after receiving your application. This email will direct you to the next steps in the process.

Before starting to apply, please review your Eligibility.

This application is for the KCP direct enroll option. If you want to apply through one of our sponsor or affiliate universities, please see Academic Credit and download an application from one of our sponsor or affiliate university mirror web sites.

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Take the first step, and look forward to Japanese language and cultural immersion, new friends, invigorating challenges, and fun in Tokyo. Get ready to ramp up your Japanese language proficiency!

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Did you:

  • find out about the KCP program after our application deadline?
  • just now realize you want Japanese immersion in Tokyo?
  • very recently change your academic goals to include studying abroad?
  • experience a sudden improvement in your financial situation?

KCP understands these important life issues. You are not alone. If you have to submit a late application, for whatever reason, we will do our best to make space for you.

KCP Late Application Policy

  • KCP charges a late application penalty of $150.
  • We consider late applications on a case-by-case basis. We will do our best to explain your options and get you placed in the program of your choice.
  • The registration deadline can usually slip, but late applicants may not be able to arrange academic credit through our sponsor universities, and KCP may not be able to arrange housing for you.

Fill out the Late Application Request.  We will tell you, usually within 24 hours, whether we can register you or not. Then it’s up to you to submit your application within seven days to be guaranteed a spot in our program.

Once you have applied and been accepted, please also accept our congratulations! You have a great experience ahead of you.

Your next steps:

Complete the Registration process—some online forms as well as some printed material, including student agreement, self-assessed medial history, a physician’s evaluation, and logistics like arrival and departure information and ID photos. You’ll receive a registration email from us about this.

If attending for credit, verify transferability of credit by your home institution: Academic Credit.

Obtain the legal documents for entry into Japan: Passport and Visa.

Plan your journey.  Our resource site, KCP Student Life, may be a help to you.


Suzuki-sensei’s kind patience helped bring my stress down; I did better when she was teaching. Other teachers saw me struggle and hovered around me, trying to be helpful, but it stressed me more. Suzuki-sensei knew how to offer me help at the right times without hovering.

—Rachel Lanahan

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