Financial Aid

Learn of available financial aid resources for full-time, credit-bearing study in KCP's Japanese language program.

KCP seeks to make Japanese immersion in Tokyo affordable to all. In addition to keeping costs low—ours are among the most reasonable available anywhere—whenever possible, we support any financial aid you have arranged with your home school.

Students from our sponsor universities and  affiliate universities have had excellent results applying their financial aid towards this program.

Students from non-affiliated universities or colleges should be able to apply their own financial aid to this program as well. We encourage you to discuss this with your home university’s study abroad or international programs department.

Non-U.S. students are not eligible for financial aid. However, you might check with your school to determine whether alternative financial resources are available for study abroad.

There are several sources of financial aid for you—the aid you’ve already obtained, aid especially for study abroad, scholarships, student loans, personal savings, and parental financial support. In order to receive some of this financial aid, you must apply, of course, and almost always, the aid application process involves deadlines.

For extensive financial resources for study in Japan, see KCP Student Life’s Financial Resources, Costs, and  Scholarships.


Shoji-sensei was ichiban jouzu (the best) in kanji. Her way of drawing and explaining them was always meaningful.

—Olena Bolila

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