Explore the culture, lifestyle, and excitement of studying abroad in Japan.

Top Museums to Visit in Japan

Most museums are closed Mondays. Tokyo National Museum The world’s largest collection of Japanese art. Comprehensive collection of the invaluable cultural properties of Japan and…
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All About the Kimono

Kimono The kimono (着物) is a traditional costume worn by Japanese women, men, and children. Today, the kimono denotes a full length T-shaped robe with straight lines. It’s worn…
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Fun Things to Do in Japan

Japan’s entertainment world is one of the world’s biggest and most technologically innovative. Despite the culture and language barrier, several forms of Japanese entertainment are immensely…
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Scrub-a-Dub-Dub in Japan

Bathing is a crucial part of the Japanese daily routine. Baths are not just for cleaning your body but for relaxing as well. A typical…
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