Explore the culture, lifestyle, and excitement of studying abroad in Japan.

Urushi, Mummies, and Lacquerware

Japanese lacquerware has been a form of decorative and fine art for centuries. Japanese lacquerware. | Dennis Amith Lacquerware is made by coating and recoating materials…
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Japan’s Soapland

Soaplands came about in Japan when prostitution was made illegal there in 1958. It was a bath service where women washed men’s bodies. Soapland sign.|…
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KCP January 2018 Events

There’s never a dull moment when studying at KCP in Japan! Japanese cultural immersion through lectures and organized excursions to some of the most notable…
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Sōgen-ji Kappa-Dera Temple

Sōgen-ji Kappa-Dera is a Zen Buddhist temple in Tokyo’s Kappabashi area or Kitchen Town, where most shops supply the restaurants. Kappabashi is nicknamed after the kappa in…
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The Kanmangafuchi Abyss 

To the north of Japan lies a gorge created from a tremendous volcanic eruption of the nearby Mount Nantai, about 7,000 years ago. Kanmangafuchi Abyss. |…
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