KCP library

What I think of KCP by David Bracewell

My understanding of the Japanese language and culture is much greater now, thanks to KCP. The backbone of any school is its teachers, and KCP’s are some of the finest. They go out of their way to see that you truly understand. They are always available to give help and answer questions. They arrive at school early and stay late, preparing material and helping students. If you don’t understand something or would like to learn more, the teachers are more than willing to help you. They will give you extra work if you need or want it, and then take the time to check it and explain your mistakes.

KCP Campus

KCP campus in Shinjuku.

Not only are KCP’s teachers great, but also their entire staff is courteous, kind, and eager to help. With a dedicated employee to help American students, you will always have someone to ask questions concerning, housing, visa information, etc. to. This gives you a definite advantage, in that you do not have to worry about such things and can spend your time enjoying Tokyo.

The culture class was well worth waking up early on Saturdays for. Whether we went on an excursion or had an in-class discussion, we learned a lot while having a great time. The lectures were quite informative. Without them some of the excursions would not have been as fun. For example, without a lecture before seeing kabuki, I would have been totally lost, but because of the lecture, I was able to follow the story and enjoy the show.

Students at KCP come from all over the world. It is great chance to appreciate other cultures and make good friends. Having other Americans at the school, though, is definitely a bonus: you always have someone to talk to, especially about things you cannot express in Japanese. A friend of mine went to another language school where he was the only American, and he said he got very lonely.

The ultimate experience in learning Japanese, at KCP, is living in Tokyo. Being in another country means everything is new and exciting, even riding the subways. One great thing about Japan during the summer is baseball. Going to a game in Japan is a little different than in America, and in some ways even more enjoyable. KCP is located close to both a library and an area with movie theaters and arcades. So whether you feel like reading a book or shooting aliens, you can be assured that fun is just around the corner.

In all, I wholeheartedly encourage anyone thinking about studying in Japan to go to KCP. It is a great school with top-notch teachers and offers a fine opportunity to master the Japanese language.