KCP campus facade in Shinjuku

Rigor–Giving as Good as You Get

The KCP International Japanese Language School program is intensive and rigorous . . . so it’s a huge opportunity for growth.  There’s nothing like pushing yourself to find out just how strong you are.  Here is some help for you.

From our students

“Come with at least a semester of Japanese language.”—Lenamarie, 2008
“The Kanji textbook we get plus my own flash cards. I liked looking at the word in hiragana separately from kanji so I could test my own  memory.”—Kaylyn, 2008
“I studied kanji on the long train ride to school. Writing them in my head (without moving my hand) really made me think.”—Cybelle, 2008
“2 resources—Kodansha’s Kanji Learner’s Electronic Dictionary and Kanji renshucho, which brought up idioms and colloquialisms that only the teachers could explain.”—Diane, 2009

From our website

Practice sheets–printable tracing sheets of common hiragana and katakana. They show the order and direction of each symbol.

Travel resources—a lot of good survival info, as well as some helpful books.

Academic credit—you can earn a lot of credit at KCP.

If you have further questions about the levels of learning and how your style fits into that, visit www.kcpinternational.com and send us a message.