kimono party

Tokyo by Tony Okobi

I spent the summer in Tokyo . . .
top of Mt. Fuji.

I’m the only one left standing after a 12-hour climb to the top of Mt. Fuji.

kimono party

We had a kimono party at Kat’s host family’s home. You are looking at over $10,000 worth of clothing!

tone-deaf American students

My first exposure to karaoke occurred in a small Japanese karaoke bar, surrounded by tone-deaf American students from KCP.

Sumo beya ("stable").

A Sumo beya (“stable”). I got to see the ex-Grand Champion Sumo wrestler and the current Grand Champion Sumo wrestler practice. Current champ is squatting, while his portrait hangs on the wall, above right.

group shot

Here are most of the American students who attended KCP when I did. We were at a cultural excursion to Tokyo’s Asakusa festival.

entrance to Asakusa

The landmark of Asakusa–the Kaminarimon with its giant cochin, or lantern.