Walking along a park bridge in Japan

A Glimpse at Homestay | Brandi Potts

I had a marvelous time at KCP, and a lot of it was due to the family I stayed with.  I learned so much from them, and I felt so welcome!

My view out the plane window on the way there–even the clouds look different.
View from the airplane window

A typical storefront in my neighborhood.  You can see that the word SALE is in English!

My host “sister” adored me, and I adored that.  Here we are at dinner, along with steaming kettles of food.

Brandi having shabu-shabu with host sister

We kids are just home from a shopping trip.

Brandi at home with host sisters

A family outing.  We did a lot of these, and it was great travelling in this group that I knew so well.

Brandi with host family

We’re on the bridge in the park.  This is quite close to where we lived, so it was a frequent favorite.

Brandi on a park bridge with host sisters

The view at the train station towards downtown Tokyo.  My commute was about 35 minutes–a good time to study and people-watch.

Picture taken by hist sister of railway tracks

Me, with my host sisters and some of their friends.  Kids are the best for learning Japanese!  They don’t judge you and they know the latest expressions. And learning by playing is a blast!  Note–everything in the house is white.  How does that work, with all these kids?

Brandi with host family

A village we visited on one of our longer family trips.  Such a nice contrast to the city.

Brandi visiting a Japanese village with host family

My host sister took a photo of the lunch she made me one day, when I came home late after a school excursion.  She was so proud.

Brandi having a meal at host family's home