Life at KCP photo-reportage series

Part One | A Look at the Campus

KCP main building
The KCP main building, early morning sun, in a relatively sane part of Tokyo’s otherwise very busy Shinjuku district.

KCP, street level.  Students waiting for buses, hooking up with friends.

One of the classroom buildings. Note street sign in both kanji and romaji (romanized letters).

A typical KCP classroom.  It’s so peaceful, empty!  (For less peaceful classrooms, see below.)

Computer lab, almost empty.  These computers have flat screens, plenty of USB ports, internet access, CD drives, and software such as Word and Excel.

The KCP library, full of good reference materials to support your learning.

The student lounge, where students eat, drink, and chat. Onsite vending machines plus local stores nearby. Obento is a favorite. Bulletin board posts pics of recent school events and co-curricular activities.

Students enjoying learning games in language class.

Everyone is involved, even those not part of the discussion.  Classes are a mix of Americans and students from other Asian countries.

Small-group exercises.  For language, this is a great way to learn.  Real communication can happen in a small group.

And small-group work with a teacher to check in occasionally is even better. KCP teachers are known for their ability to both generate interest and respond to the needs of each individual.