While the sun shines: Mt. Fuji and fun

Fall is setting in, but the sun kept shining. So we got in a trip to Mt. Fuji and, afterward, an amusement park!


From the fifth (out of 10) station, Mt. Fuji looks a little different when we are so close. It takes anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to hike the rest of the way up.


Sensei (left) and student; Mt. Fuji is in the background. Peace!


En route to the amusement park, we discover someone has thought ahead. He made many sandwiches for his fellow classmates and thus was called Sandwich Factory.


We arrive at the Fuji-Kyu Highland amusement park. Just to recreate the feeling of height . . .


Golden cats reign over the water slide.


This year they opened up a new spot in the park. It contains a big exhibit of the famous animation Evangelion.


Evangelicon looks pretty scary, even without the smoke coming out of his mouth.


The Fuji-Kyu Highland amusement park . . where gravity has a new meaning. You could say that about Mt. Fuji, too!

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