KCP classroom

What’s most valuable?

KCP students weigh in

We regularly ask students, “What has been the most valuable aspect of this program?”
“Two things–the use of the direct method (communicating entirely in Japanese) and the instructors explaining cultural concepts to the class firsthand.”
–Bridgett, fall 2010

“All the time spent in the language classes has felt very productive. I got a degree of application of learned material that simply did not exist where I had previously studied.”
–Owen, fall 2010

“The culture classes were interesting and a nice break from the language class.”
–Ashley, fall 2010

“Living in a homestay. I got to experience a lot more of the culture.”
–Sandra, summer short-term 2010

“Being able to really practice the language and see it all around me.”
–Tavon, summer short-term 2010

“Meeting my family, the friends I made at school, the teachers, and everyone at KCP.  They made my experience in Japan really great.”
–Candice, summer short-term 2010

“The communication workshop and psychology of Japan lecture provided deep insight into Japanese culture and society.”
–Janvee, spring 2009

“Pair work is great.”
–Erik, summer 2010

“Learning how to interact with people from other cultures and accept differences.  Learning how to communicate clearly to others despite language barriers.”
–Tanya, spring 2010

“Pair work and drill practice. It makes people get involved.”
–Jasrael, spring 2010

“Befriending the non-English-speaking students. Not only are they kind, wonderful people, but it’s a chance to practice Japanese during fun, as well.”
–Brie Anne, winter 2010

“Being able to hold extended conversations with my Japanese friends and feeling very natural at it.”
–William, winter 2010