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Ten Reasons for KCP summer short-term

Ten reasons to sign up for KCP International’s summer short-term program

10.  It’s a busy festival time in Tokyo–fireworks at Sumida, Tokyo Bay, Asakusa, Koenjhi, Jingu, and Fukagawai.  There is also a Honbashu (Grand Sumo tournament) in September.

9.  You earn 10 semester credits (15 quarter credits) in about 7 weeks.

8.  During the hot summer, Tokyo is full of air-conditioned shopping centers and museums.  And the seashore is not far away.

7.  The host family lodging option is available for the summer short-term.

6.  The summer short-term includes excursions to places like Mt. Fuji and Odawara Castle.

5.  It’s the least expensive term of a school known for its reasonable prices.

4.  You’ll make many good friends in this transformative time–other students, teachers, young people (in a dorm), and your host family (homestay).

Class time at KCP

3.  It fits well into U.S. academic schedules (late June to mid-August).

2.  You have more time than in the regular semester terms for travel afterwards–for those on the quarter system, as much as an entire month.

1.  It’s a real acceleration shot to your Japanese ability–you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your former self.

Application deadline extended to April 1!