KCP campus facade in Shinjuku

This Just In–Tohoku Earthquake

From KCP in Japan

The Tohoku area in northeast Japan (the center of shock) got hit by a significant quake–8.8 on the Richter scale–but Tokyo did not have disastrous damage, at least not around the KCP campus in Shinjuku. No injuries here (neither students nor faculty), and most students had already gone home. Nevertheless, the shock in Tokyo was real, and many people were frightened.

U.S. students who live in a student dorm in Ikebukuro walked home in a group with other students and a teacher. It took them over an hour, but they made it to their dorm safely.

Those who live further from Shinjuku are staying here at KCP, with other teachers and staff, because many train lines are not running now. They plan to stay overnight and go home tomorrow morning after the transportation system becomes fully active.

I will be staying here at KCP too. I have been working with other faculty, preparing rooms for people staying here to rest at night. We now have 17 students (most of them American) here, and they are spending their time chatting, eating, and sleeping. Everyone here is safe. School staff and teachers are staying here overnight and will be with the students until next morning when all the train systems should be restored.

Reports are that the quake occurred at 10 km depth in the ocean. Tsunamis and fire have caused extensive damage in the north. The people more seriously affected in the north are in our prayers.

Power outages are still in force in some places. Stay turned for more updates.

–Tanaka-san, KCP onsite program director

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