Students Visit Kamogawa Sea World

Japan is known for its rich and diverse marine life. Kamogawa Sea World is a world-class aquarium with 58 tanks and pens for other marine animals. It is popular for breeding dolphins, sea lions, beluga whales, and killer whales.

Performing dolphins | KCP Flickr

Zones mimic the natural habitats of many of the world’s aquatic life, such as those with warmer climates in Tropical Island. Rocky Stadium is home to the seals– you can watch them frolic and play all day.

Poster | KCP Flickr

The magically talented killer whales are the star of the show. They never fail to elicit awed gasps and screams of delight as they perform for their audience. The dolphins and sea lions will not fail to amuse you either, as they do their own tricks. At the petting tank, you can sit close and touch some of the marine mammals.

KCP students at Kamogawa Sea World | KCP Flickr

KCP students went on a field trip to Kamogawa Sea World, where they spent the day learning about the different fish and ocean animals. They also watched the amazing performances of the dolphins, sea lions, and killer whales. They were initially scheduled to go on the 1st of September, but due to the typhoon, they waited till the 6th  of September.

Class activity about the trip | KCP Flickr

The class came prepared by brushing up on information about the fish and aquatic animals they would see at Kamogawa. Intermediate classes were eager to review some kanji for fish names and the origins of the words. It was a long, eventful day dreaming of (and channeling) fish.