Tokyo night scene

Experience Tokyo’s Vibrant Nightlife

Tokyo thrives after hours. The electrified cityscapes are breathtaking as the evening streets come alive with neon lights and people. Explore several different popular entertainment hubs such as Ginza, Akasaka, Roppongi, Kabukicho–Shinjuku, and Shibuya. These areas are always brimming with activity and stay open until the wee morning hours.

Chill out in an Izakaya

A great way to relax and unwind after a long day’s work is to join other Japanese yuppies, students, and expats as they enjoy the various Izakaya – a combination restaurant-bar. They serve some of the tastiest and cheapest food in Tokyo.

izakaya food

Friday night is the busiest time of the week because people don’t have to rush to catch the last train ride home, which is usually around midnight. Since it’s the weekend, they usually stay up until the train resumes its run at 5:30am.

Karaoke the night away

Karaoke is a big must-try in the Tokyo nightlife scene. Feel the thrill of singing in front of an audience in a karaoke bar or sing amongst people you know in a private room.  It really doesn’t matter if you can sing or howl the night away;  you’re welcome to participate no matter how awful you sound.

karaoke microphone

Party hearty in Tokyo’s hot clubs

If you feel like letting your hair down and dancing all night, there are several clubs that will give you a thorough workout. Tokyo has a number of international DJs who spin your favorite tunes, from house music to techno and hip-hop.

The ultimate clubbing experience in Tokyo is ageHa. It has its own pool (!), and the music scene is urban hip-hop and Gangsta-Rap. Womb, another trendy club in Shibuya, features a huge dance floor that gives you plenty of room to strut your moves. Gas Panic (American kitsch songs) and Velfarre (several floors of pure entertainment) are in Roppongi. If you’re into live jazz, take in The Blue Note in Aoyama.

Whatever nightlife  you fancy, Tokyo will never leave you wanting for more.