Off the Beaten Path in Tokyo: LaQua

Who wouldn’t be hungry to explore vibrant Tokyo? There so many things to see, one of which is Tokyo Dome City.

It is literally a city in itself, with its own shopping area, water rides, restaurants, roller coasters, and more.

Tokyo Dome City | kanegen

But who would think that the “more,” in the middle of Tokyo, includes LaQua resort, a natural spring!


The Japanese experience would not be complete without treating yourself to a relaxing dip in a hot spring.  For Japan, known for its hot springs, bathing is a big part of the culture.

The LaQua building seems out of place amidst the pulsating excitement of Tokyo Dome City. Zen amidst the turmoil, it beckons you to kick back and relax.

Its name comes from Koishikawa Hot Springs.

Traditional hot spring | sakamencho

The hot spring minerals in LaQua are said to improve body circulation, relieve many body aches and pains, and beautify the skin.

Specifically, it’s the thermal and moisturizing properties of sodium chloride (strong salt) in the hot springs.

LaQua is a spa facility with natural hot spring water supplied for the many different baths. The source of the hot springs is 1,700 meters below the ground. There are also open areas for groups, families, and couples to enjoy.

Tokyo Dome City at night|

This is much unlike other traditional spas where women and men are separate. LaQua’s facilities also include saunas that are set at different temperature levels to give you a perfectly relaxing time.

LaQua rates are 2565 ¥ but from 12:00am-6:00am it’s 1,890 ¥. The spa fee is inclusive of towels, a gown, shampoo, and conditioner.

In a city such a Tokyo, you need not venture far to discover the many fascinating finds and hidden secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

 LaQua Onsen | calbeeb