It’s Halloween at KCP!

Halloween is generally not celebrated in Japan, but the U.S. students there have brought it to KCP.  It’s a great occasion for people to get together and have some fun.

This year, Halloween fell on a weekday. So KCP students came to school in all sorts of costumes, from funky hats to head-to-toe cuddly cat attire. Seeing them brought as smile to everyone’s faces. After all, it’s not everyday that you see your classmates dressed up in outrageous outfits and striking funny poses.

Some KCP students were invited to a party at Hosei University. They played Bingo, met new friends, and were even given small gifts. It was an enjoyable event for all!

KCP students “channeling” their costumes. | KCP Flickr

 KCP students show off their treats. | KCP Flickr


KCP students clowning for Halloween. | KCP Flickr