Origami greeting card

Create Your Own Origami Greeting Cards

The arrival of 2012 means another year of birthday celebrations, holiday events, and other special occasions. Instead of buying a generic store-bought greeting card to give to your loved one, why not create a beautiful home-made origami card. The care and love you pour into making it can surely be felt and be better appreciated by the recipient. Not only that, it will have that touch of uniqueness and charm that are always present in origami cards.

This birthday pop-up card is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. A peace dove pops up when the finished card is opened. You can also use various paper designs, including left over wrapping paper.

YouTube upload by Vo Tan Duc

If you want to write an entire letter and also tur.n it into a gorgeous envelope, check out this how-to video of a leaf origami card:

YouTube upload by barbabellaatje

Kirigami, a type of origami which involves cutting paper, can also be used to make many greeting card designs. This quick video shows how to create a greeting card with a pop-up flower. All you need are scissors, paper, and your basic origami folding skills:

YouTube upload by Vo Tan Duc

The next time a birthday or anniversary comes up, show the celebrant your love and affection with an origami greeting card!