Having Fun at Hanami 41612

KCP Students Celebrate Springtime at Shinjuku Gyoen

In Japan, spring is much anticipated because it marks the blooming of the breathtaking cherry blossom (sakura) trees that are in many Japanese parks and gardens. Cherry blossom viewing, known as hanami, is a popular activity—both locals and visitors gather and picnic under the shade of the glorious blossoms.

This April 16, KCP students enjoyed the day at Shinjuku Imperial Garden (Shinjuku Gyoen), a large city park just a short walk from the KCP campus. They played games, chatted, and had a general good time surrounded by the beauty of the pastel colored sakura.

Check out these fun photos!

KCP students under the cherry blossoms

KCP students under the cherry blossoms. | KCP Flickr

Having Fun at Hanami 41612

Rock/paper/scissors? at Shinjuku Gyoen | KCP Flickr

KCP students having fun playing egg and spoon race

Egg and spoon race! | KCP Flickr