Around Akasaka


One of the busiest spots in Tokyo is the Akasaka district of Minato.  The name “Akasaka” means “red slope.” Originally, the name was supposed to be “akanesaka” or “madder slope,” due to the large number of madder trees that once grew there. These plants were once used to make red dye. But as time went by, people ended up cutting right to the red and calling it by its current name.

Akasaka skyline. | kadluba

To experience the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, you may want to put the Asakasa district on your checklist.It’s the location of many homes, hotels, and business establishments.

Nogi Jinja Shrine. | teien_off

Various embassies to countries such as Canada, America, and Spain are here, as well as Tokyo Midtown, the tallest high-rise in Tokyo. You may also spot the Tōgū Palace, home of Japan’s prince; the Nogi Jinja, a shrine dedicated to General Nogi Maresuke; and the Mori Building at Ark Hills. The district’s Suntory Hall is a favorite concert venue of many famous performers.

All this sightseeing can build up an appetite. Akasaka is full of popular restaurants such as Ninja Akasaka at the Akasaka Tokyo Hotel Plaza. There you’ll have ninja serving your orders. For traditional Japanese cuisine, you may want to try Abe, although the dishes may be a bit pricey. Other restaurants include Zipangu, Yasubee, and Rokuhara.

Akasaka Blitz. | kobakou

Since Akasaka is a business district, it’s not surprising that during the day people are rushing about, intent on trying to get to their jobs as quickly as possible. To enjoy the place in a less frenzied atmosphere, the best time to go may be during the night, when people kick back and hang out after work in bars, clubs, and restaurants. You may want to go to music venues such as Akasaka Blitz, where various music bands play. There’s also Golf & Bar Grip and Sam & Dave, other spots where people let loose from the stress of the day.