Origami Inspired by the Sea

The seaside has always had an allure for people with its rolling waves, sandy beaches, and countless interesting creatures. Many origami creators have been inspired to make designs that are reminiscent of the sea and its inhabitants.

Here are three sea-inspired origami designs that are cute and easy to make:

Origami Fish

This puffy origami fish seems to look like pufferfish or fugu. This would look fantastic in paper of any color or pattern.

Click image or: http://youtu.be/FUcp0EiZ2xU

Origami Crab

This origami crab can stand on its own but don’t worry about it scurrying away on its spindly legs.

Click image or: http://youtu.be/Mt-nCMbl_Wk


Origami Seashell

With some quick paper folding, you can come up with this dainty clam shell. Make a few more in various colors and you can soon have a pretty origami shell collection!

Click image or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SO1tMxvMoQhttp://youtu.be/AyRtyh0B-Ww


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