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View of Tokyo skyline

Be on Top of the World at Tokyo Skytree

If you want to see an example of Japanese ingenuity, then try the Tokyo Skytree. With a height of 634 meters (2080 feet), it is currently the tallest structure in Japan. It is also recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest tower in existence today, beating even China’s Canton Tower. Not surprisingly, it has captured the attention of the Japanese people, so much so that it even has its own mascot named “Sorakara-chan” (which means “from the sky-chan”), a little girl with star-shaped yellow hair.

Tokyo SkytreeTokyo Skytree plays a significant role in television and radio broadcasting services, making sure Japan’s residents can view their favorite TV programs and listen to the radio without worrying about signal interruption from nearby tall buildings. Channels such as NHK General, Nippon Television, TV Tokyo,  and Tokyo Metropolitan TV rely on the tower, as well as radio stations such as J-Wave and NHK Tokyo FM.

Tower construction was completed on Feb. 29, 2012 and public opening was held just this 22nd of May. Tokyo Skytree isn’t just a broadcasting tower; it’s also a restaurant, shopping mall, aquarium, and observation tower.

The shopping mall and the aquarium are  on the first floor, and the two observation decks treat visitors to breathtaking sights. These are the highest observation decks in Japan, giving viewers a dazzling bird’s eye view of the metropolis.

The lower deck, 350 meters high, is the Tembo Deck. Large windows and a 360° panoramic view  allow visitors to see Tokyo in its glory. When visitors get hungry from their adventures they can then eat at the Musashi Sky Restaurant. The restaurant serves a delicious blend of French and Japanese cuisine.

Tokyo Skytree's observation deck

Visitors who want to view the city from even higher up can take elevators to the Tembo Gallery. It is the world’s highest skywalk, at 450 meters. Its spiral ramp wraps around Tokyo Skytree, allowing marvellous views of the ground below and far distances.

When the hustle and bustle of life gets you down, Tokyo Skytree might give you the bigger picture. The tower is open from 8 am to 10 pm. daily. The first observatory costs 2000 yen while both the first and second decks cost 3000 yen admission. An additional 500 yen fee is charged for reservations. Since the ticket line will be long, you may want to book in advance.


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Read all about Japanese immersion learning and studying abroad. Check out our eZasshi archives for more articles!