KCP Experiences of Former Student Brittani Newson

Former student Brittani Newson tells us her views of the KCP program. Thanks, Brittani!

What made Tokyo even more amazing was the friends I made. I was in the anime/manga program and I was so worried about not making any friends or people thinking I was weird. I met people who also love the Japanese culture and appreciate the art behind anime/manga. I had never been around so many talented, amazing people. The staff took us on many excursions, and I was excited every time we went somewhere to learn more about Japanese history and society. I wrote blogs: my friends in the States were excited to read about my experiences. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn about Japan. It’s a great program.

Matsumoto Castle. | KCP Flickr

Party night in Shinjuku. | KCP Flickr

Tokyo Disneyland! | KCP Flickr