Student Perspectives on Summer Anime and Manga 2012

Our Summer Japanese Anime-Manga program is ideal for students with an interest in Anime and Manga who want short-term summer study in Tokyo. Enjoy insight into these Japanese popular art forms and how they relate to society and culture, and learn some Japanese while you’re there. The program includes an exciting series of lectures and excursions under the direction of highly regarded teachers. Don’t just take our word for it—read the views of students who’ve been in the program.


Calligraphy class. | KCP Flickr


Kohiyama-sensei and Suzuki-sensei were very helpful and understanding. It made learning new Japanese forms much better.—Dawn Ushijima

Awesome! Best Japanese instructors I have ever had, and I’m encouraging my university to send their students. —Adam Johnson

My teacher, Kato-sensei, was encouraging, helpful, and very nice. I loved being in her class.— Sarah Snook

Class Contents

All of the students are very cooperative and friendly to one another. It goes to show how connected we are and that we are not alone when it comes to a shared interest.—Alexander Mauricio

I thought the content was just what I needed : ) As someone who’s never taken a Japanese language class before, it was nice to have a class that was both challenging and not overwhelming.—Sarah Snook


History of Anime / Manga: I learned a lot of things about anime and manga that were a complete surprise to me.
Anime / Manga and Japanese Society: This showed me how deeply anime and manga have impacted Japan.
Anime / Manga and Business: Very good to introduce the business behind anime and manga (it’s a big part of their success) and see the people responsible for creating such wondrous things.— Alexander Mauricio

Class presentation. | KCP Flickr


Everyone did an excellent job on their presentations. It really demonstrated what we have learned.—Alexander Mauricio

I loved the presentations! It was fun listening to everyone’s different takes on anime/manga and realizing what we all learned.—Sarah Snook


Posing in front of anime-covered coin lockers in Akihabara. | KCP Flickr

I enjoyed looking around Akihabara, learning some of the history, and the tour of the Kotobukiya store.—Sarah Snook

Toei Animation Studio:
I loved seeing the animation studio and the people who make some of the most popular shows in Japan.—Alexander Mauricio
Going to Toei Animation Studio was so inspiring to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes in making animation.—Sarah Snook

Kameari town:
A very fun visit, seeing how a manga series affected a town for the better.—Alexander Mauricio

Ghibli Museum:
The museum was very busy but very interesting in its wonders of fine art and animation.—Alexander Mauricio

At Kotobukiya. | KCP Flickr

Kotobukiya Co. Ltd. Company:
Watching the artists work on the sculptures was my favorite part.—Sarah Snook

Dormitory Stay

Awesome! It was great to be around other students, and the lounge on the first floor provided a nice get-together spot.—Deanna Nardy

I loved the dorm! It was wonderful to be able to live with other students, too : )—Sarah Snook

With Gundam at Odaiba. | KCP Flickr

Overall Comments

This was the best summer I’ve ever had, and I now have a better understanding of what I want to accomplish in life.—Adam Johnson

I loved the program, the friends we made, and the staff who supported us all the way through our learning experience. It is very hard to say goodbye to a country that has touched the hearts of so many  people.—Alexander Mauricio

AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING! Thank you so very much, KCP! Really, I couldn’t have spent those four weeks in a better way, and I miss Japan and KCP already.—Deanna Nardy

I absolutely loved the anime/manga program. All the teachers and staff were very pleasant, welcoming, and helpful. I learned so much in only a month! I can’t wait to go back to school next month and tell everyone about what I learned : ) I thank everyone at KCP for giving me the opportunity to take part in the program and for all the time and support they’ve given me. I want to work hard; I hope in the next few years I can go back to Japan, perhaps for an extended stay. Once again, thank you for everything. I wish you all the best. : )—Sarah Snook

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