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Tokyo Taxi

Some Awesome Japan-only Things

Japan is known for anime and manga, as the leader in creating some of the best games and gaming consoles we love so much, and as a robotics pioneer. But further, Japan has many other mind blowing ideas and inventions that have become part of the Japanese way of life but still never cease to amaze us. Here are just a few of the awesome things in Japan.Tokyo Taxi

Taxis.  Perhaps most amazing about taxis in Japan is the doors that open automatically for passengers, so convenient and helpful when you are laden with packages  or luggage and are unable to open the door. Although taxis in Japan are not the cheapest way to get around, sometimes it can all be worth it.Tokyo vending machines

Vending machines.  Japan has the highest number of vending machines in the world. There is practically a vending machine for anything imaginable, from the typical hot and cold beverages, bottled liquor, sandwiches, and ramen to the more unusual offerings of fresh meat, eggs, potted plants, live lobsters, and iPods. The packaged food you can get from vending machines is said to be delicious, fresh, and affordable. Newer machines have a modern touch-screen with animated images of the available options.Bottlecap braille

Uniquely Japanese drinks. Japanese beer cans have imprinted Braille for people who are visually impaired to choose the brew they want, The same goes for bottle caps for some  drinks. This system was developed by Japanese government and industry to make products and services more accessible to people with various disabilities. Another invention is the small groove behind the pull tab of canned beverages, making it easier for the finger to hook the pull tab when opening  the can.Kewpie mayo

Japanese mayonnaise.  Kewpie (named after the kewpie doll) is arguably the most popular brand of Japanese mayonnaise. Japanese mayonnaise is slightly thicker, sweeter, and richer than Western mayonnaise. Western mayonnaise uses distilled vinegar, while the Japanese version uses apple or rice vinegar. Also, only egg yolks  are used in Japanese mayo (not whole eggs.)

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Read all about Japanese immersion learning and studying abroad. Check out our eZasshi archives for more articles!