Huis Ten Bosch

In Japan, Spring is in the Air

The month of March heralds the arrival of spring in Japan. There is no better place to admire and experience the beauty of the season than with all the lush foliage Japan has to offer, as well as the many events that welcome spring.

Spring season events for 2015Tokyo skyscrapers in spring

Midtown Blossom, Tokyo (March 20 – April 15)

Japan’s bustling capital is not only the business hub of the country; it also boasts of some the most beautiful spring foliage, which makes a beautiful contrast to the towering skyscrapers. The huge urban district, Tokyo Midtown, has beautiful gardens featuring eight different kinds of cherry trees, and numbering about 150 trees in all. Many blossoming cherry trees are lit up in the evening during the course of the Midtown Blossom event. There are lounge areas where spectators can relax and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Shonan Enoshima Spring Festival, Kanagawa (March 14 – 15)

Enoshima island, part of mainland Fujisawa, is home to fantastic sandy beaches. The arrival of spring there brings on the camellia blossoms. The beautiful flowers and the parade of children in a ceremonial service for having bountiful shellfish for the year draw crowds of visitors to witness the festivities. There is live music, street performances, traditional tea ceremony, and haiku writing. The festival is a unique cultural experience for all visitors.Nagasaki tulips

Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Flowers and Light Tulip Festival, Nagasaki (March 21 – April 13)

Huis Ten Bosch, or “House in the Forest,” located in in Sasebo, Nagasaki, is a theme park that recreates the Netherlands, complete with replicas of old Dutch buildings. Huis Ten Bosch was named after one of the three official residences of the Dutch Royal Family.  During spring, it celebrates the Kingdom of Flowers and Light Tulip Festival. You can get lost wandering through the tulip fields or just relax at al fresco at any of the cafés. Evening brings spectacular lights that are surely something to remember.

Higashi Village Azalea Festival, Okinawa (March 1 – March 22)

Higashi Village is in the eastern coast of northern Okinawa. Each spring, about 50,000 azaleas bloom in all their glory. It is truly a spectacular sight to behold. The Higashi Village Azalea Festival is one of Okinawa’s much anticipated flower festivals. An estimated 60,000 visitors come to witness the yearly event at Higashi Village People’s Forest’s Azalea Garden.