Fun and Frolic at Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park (葛西臨海公園), one of the newer parks in Japan, opened officially June 1, 1989, and is located in Edogawa, Tokyo. It is the largest park in central Tokyo, just across the Edogawa River from Tokyo Disney Resort.


Path at Kasai Rinkai Park. | Kageaki Smith

Kasai Rinkai Park was built on reclaimed land in an effort to develop, restore, and preserve natural Tokyo Bay habitat. The park offers beautiful scenery: man-made islands, a bird sanctuary, an aquarium, a viewing tower, and a hotel.  Walking trails lead to the breathtaking  gardens, lawns, or beaches.


Hanging out at the park. | Kageaki Smith


Akasai2t the center of the park is the Tokyo Sea Life Aquarium. Its main tank has a viewing area strategically located at the middle of the aquarium that gives a perfect view of marine life in all its glory. The Sea Bird Sanctuary at the park is another haven for bird enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Tokyo Sea Life Aquarium. | Kageaki Smith

kasai1The park offers a contrasting landscape to the towering skyscrapers. Perhaps the most prominent feature of  Kasai Rinkai Park  is the  Diamond and Flowers Ferris Wheel. It is a 117-meter-tall Ferris wheel that is the second tallest of its kind in Japan. The Diamond and Flowers Ferris Wheel was named after the exciting light shows that resemble sparkling diamonds and flowers, and it offers great views of Edogawa, Chiba, Tokyo Disney Resorts, Tokyo Bay, and even as far off as the majestic  Mt. Fuji. Kasai Rinkai Park  is also a favorite place to visit during hanami season in spring when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Diamond and Flowers Ferris Wheel. | Kageaki Smith

For more photos of Kasai Rinkai Park by KCP alumnus Kageaki Smith, visit KCP Flickr.