KCP Summer Short-term 2015 Students Visit NHN PlayArt

Over the summer, KCP’s Summer Short 2015 students toured NHN PlayArt Corporation, one of Japan’s leading providers of online gaming and comics services.  The company was only recently founded in 2013 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. NHN PlayArt Corp. operates as a subsidiary of NHN Entertainment Corporation.


The PlayArt building facade. | KCP Flickr

NHN Corporation was formed in September 2001 through the merger of Hangame Communications, Inc. (maker of online games) and Naver Corporation (operator of a comprehensive search portal). Hangame was launched in November of 1998 and Naver was launched in June of 1999. The merger created the company name  “Next Human Network,” or NHN, though both companies still operate under their original brand names.

Some popular games developed by NHN for PCs are Alliance of Valiant Arms (2008), Hangame and Soul of the Ultimate Nation (2009), Tera (2011). Games for iPhone and Android are Valkyria Duel and  Battle for the Throne (2014).

Have a look at these photos from the KCP excursion:


By the park museum entrance. | KCP Flickr


KCP students try their hand at one of the company’s games. | KCP Flickr


KCP students take a break during discussion. | KCP Flickr


For more photos of the trip, visit KCP Flickr.