Fun KCP Excursions!

Aside from lectures, KCP offers Japanese cultural immersion through organized excursions to some of the most notable happenings in Tokyo!

Typical KCP excursions have included Kamakura, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Nikko, Asakusa Temple, the Imperial Palace, NHK Broadcasting Company, a Sumo beya, and Kabuki and Bunraku theaters. There are numerous  opportunities to explore traditional Japanese art forms, meet new people, and experience the history and culture of Japan.

Check-out some of the fun-filled excursions of KCP students!

Hot springs are waters heated by geothermal energy. Japan has an abundant source of these natural wonders.

Exploring ancient caves. | KCP Flickr

Visiting the Japanese countryside. |  KCP Flickr

At the bamboo grove at Kamakura. |  KCP Flickr

Tasting authentic traditional Japanese dishes. | KCP Flickr