KCP Summer Short-term 2017 Experience the Tea Ceremony

Recently, KCP Summer Short-term 2017 students got to experience the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Also known as “the Way of Tea,” it is the result of centuries of meditative, ritualized interaction among host and guests.

The Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu (“hot water for tea”), is an elaborate ritual of serving green tea, matcha, along with some sweets. During the ceremony, students witness each deliberate gesture and act that has been practiced for centuries.The whole process is not only about drinking tea; it is meant to leave a lasting impression of serving the best bowl of tea from the host. Each tiny detail in the tea ceremony is given great attention to ensure that the guests, shokyaku, are pleased with the whole experience.The chanoyu is a way to relieve the stress of everyday life, even for just a short while, by immersing in the Zen aesthetics of serenity and peace.

Join KCP Summer Short-term 2017 as they experience the Japanese Tea Ceremony!



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