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Whether you are still preparing yourself for the KCP Japanese language immersion program or are already in Tokyo for a term, it’s never too late to improve your language skills online. Learning the Japanese language is now easier and more convenient with the help of online sites. These offer free Japanese language lessons.

KCP Kana Page

We have created a web page on this site that includes a very easy to use hiragana and katakana tables, kana quizzes, and downloadable worksheets. This is an ideal start for the beginner to learn the basics of the Japanese writing system. Future students without any Japanese should memorize the basic hiragana and katakana on this site before attending. If you have the desire, try memorizing the modified kana as well and quiz yourself afterwards.


A popular online Japanese textbook. Its simple design makes Japanese language lessons easy for self learning. Though you can purchase the full version, a linked free site offers the first few chapters of the full version, the katakana chart, practice sheets, an introduction to kanji, and more.

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Kids Web Japan

Aa graphic approach to learning Japanese. The eight lessons deal mostly with popular phrases and expressions. The site features fun graphics and an easy interface that will definitely attract both kids and older beginners.

Learn Hiragana-Katakana

Perhaps the best feature of this site is its Flash application that shows how to make katakana and hiragana strokes. The site also uses educational games to make learning Japanese fun and more exciting.

About.com: Japanese

Free Japanese language tutorials that involve grammar, useful phrases, expressions, pronunciations, Japanese characters, and so on. Also features an audio phrasebook, basic Japanese language lessons, a “word for the day” section, and a comprehensive grammar guide.

Learn Japanese Free

A comprehensive approach to learning the Japanese language. It groups lessons into three Basic Japanese, Intermediate Japanese, and Other Japanese Stuff. It also has links to other useful sites.


Hiragana is one of the three character sets used in the Japanese language. Each letter represents a certain syllable but has no meaning itself. In modern Japanese language, there are 46 basic hiragana characters. Japanese characters used in hiragana have more curved lines than katakana.  See also Hiragana: the First Japanese Alphabet.

Basic Katakana Worksheet (PDF)

The katakana syllabary originated from Chinese characters. The Japanese characters in katakana are derived from modifying kanji. Katakana is popularly used for foreign words.  See also Japanese Language Basics: Katakana.