The Best Way to Learn a Language is in a Country Where It’s Spoken

Japan recently released an official government mandate to increase the number of foreign students studying abroad in Japan. With the 2020 Olympics coming soon, and Tokyo scheduled to host, there is sudden urgency for Japanese companies to increase the number of foreign workforce. This is Japan’s way to be more international and competitive in an increasingly globalized environment.

Many young Americans recognize the advantages of learning a second language and among the most popular is Japanese. The wealth of Japan’s popular culture and its role as a driving factor in anyone’s career, especially those involving politics, science, or economics is undeniable. There are a number of Japanese language courses being offered right in your own country. But there are several benefits as to why studying Japanese in Japan is better!

Here are a few reasons why studying the Japanese language is best learned in the country of origin:

  • Be in a place where Japanese is the first language. You are in a position that allows you the means to constantly learn from your surroundings anywhere and anytime.
  • Be friends with the locals. You are constantly exposed to locals whose native tongue is Japanese.The best way to practice the Japanese language is to hang around people who speak it. Taking a stroll in the park, shopping, or going to places of interest will give you chances for immersion.
  • Live with a host family. If you choose to live with a host family, you can further enhance your learning experience by actually experiencing first hand what everyday life is like in Japan. You will learn the difference between formal and informal speech by daily conversations which may not be taught in class.
  • Practice what you’re learning everyday. Being in a country where you pretty much have no choice but to speak in the language you’re learning to be understood, is actually totally immersing yourself. There’s no better way to learn.
  • Most of the things around you are in Japanese. Having to deal with everyday situations in Japanese allows you to have a better understanding. Things such as reading the signs you pass most of the time, reading a menu, and even watching a Japanese program regularly will familiarize you with the same things that you encounter. Before you know it, you just may understand the written kanji signs and what people around you are saying.
  • Being taught the language in its own motherland. Learning Japanese with Japanese instructors who only speak Japanese can be daunting in the beginning, but it helps you learn in the quickest way possible.

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