Networking Opportunities While in Japan

Living away from home and from one’s comfort zone can be lonesome and tedious for many. But learning Japanese is very fun when you have a network of friends in Japan. We encourage you to make the most out of your stay here in Tokyo and experience Japanese culture at its finest. Here are some networking opportunities for American KCP students who are currently studying the Japanese language in Tokyo.

American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) is an independent organization of around 2,700 members in over 40 countries worldwide. The organization’s mission is to develop and cultivate commerce between the U.S. and Japan and to improve the interests of American members and companies in Japan. The ACCJ has offices in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. Through the years, ACCJ has built a credible reputation of providing its multinational members with premier opportunities in information, advocacy, and networking.

The America-Japan Society, inc.

The America-Japan Society is a non-political, nonprofit organization of corporate and individual members. Founded in 1917, the group’s main aim is to promote a high level of understanding and enlightenment between Japan and the U.S. The America-Japan Society runs a monthly meeting that highlights guests from the two involved nations explaining their views on current and interesting issues. They also offer exchange programs with many other societies in the U.S. and Japan. Members enjoy occasional social gatherings—tea parties, golf tournaments, conferences, and forums—to promote friendship. The America-Japan Society is a great way for study abroad students in Japan to meet officials, scholars, and leaders from the two distinguished nations.

Tokyo American Club

Since its beginnings in 1928, the Tokyo American Club has been fostering relationships and community among members and their families in the city. With over 3,000 members all over the world, the organization offers a wide variety of business, recreational, and cultural amenities and activities in Tokyo. Whether you are looking to improve your Japanese language through conversations, enjoy superb cuisine, explore Japanese culture, or find a serene respite from the bustling Tokyo streets, the club offers richly unique experiences for you. The Tokyo American Club fosters a smooth cultural exchange in local communities and recognizes outstanding personalities that help improve global ties, shaping a better world.

The Tokyo NFL Football Meetup

For American football fans (well, NFL fans) working or studying in Japan, the Tokyo NFL Football Meetup is a great way for you to experience the passion, drama, and athleticism in American football. Members constantly organize events and meetups for interested individuals. The groups is composed mostly of avid Tokyo-based Americans who love the NFL.