The Quaint and Alluring Bise Village


In Okinawa’s main island, Kunigami, Japan, towards the northern district, there’s a peaceful and unassuming town called Bise Village. It’s the best place to escape, kick back, and relax. The picturesque, narrow, sandy streets are lined with lush fukugi trees which make trekking a delight.

Sandy paths. | Simon Desmarais

Bise Village is a traditional Okinawan village that has about 250 homes scattered about the area. Fukugi trees that line the unpaved sandy pathways have been used as wind breaks since ancient times. They are traditionally used as such in seaside villages to protect the homes and the people from typhoons which are especially fierce in Okinawa.

Narrow sandy pathways weave all around the quaint town and the trees provide a welcoming canopy from the oftentimes, scorching sun.

Bise Village. | cyawan

Simple fishermen’s homes complete with traditional tatami mat floorings and shoji doors and other traditional Okinawan homes dot the paths and transport you back in time. Cafes and restaurants are conveniently located at guesthouses.

The calming ocean is one of the advantages of experiencing Japanese culture and way of life in Bise Village.

Locals. | kobaken++

It is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life and while wandering around, you just may bump into friendly locals going about their business. While visiting Bise Village, don’t forget to try awamori, a local alcoholic drink indigenous to Okinawa. Bise Village is just one of many hidden gems to discover while in Japan.