KCP January 2018 Events

There’s never a dull moment when studying at KCP in Japan!

Japanese cultural immersion through lectures and organized excursions to some of the most notable happenings in Tokyo are wonderful ways to experience japan. It includes lectures that lay the ground on topics like Japanese classical entertainment, customs, lifestyle, business, economics, politics, history, psychology, and religion.

To build on this conceptual base, you’ll visit relevant sites, in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan. Typical excursions have included Kamakura, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Nikko, Asakusa Temple, the Imperial Palace, NHK Broadcasting Company, a Sumo beya, and Kabuki and Bunraku theaters. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore traditional Japanese art forms.

Here are a couple of events our Winter students attended this mid-January:

Seijin shiki (Coming of Age Day)

Excursion at Ueno National Park