Sapporo Soup Curry Tokyo Dominica: A Restaurant Review by Holly Westbrook

The origins of curry in Japan can be traced all the way back to the Meiji era (1868 –1912). Curry was introduced by the British who brought the dish from India when the country was still under colonial rule.

Curry (カレー karē) is now one of the most popular dishes in Japan and can be considered a national dish. Curry is commonly served in three ways, over rice (karē raisu), curry filled pastry and over noodles.

Here’s KCP Winter 2017 student Holly Westbrook’s take on Sapporo Soup Curry Tokyo Dominica:

Sapporo Soup Curry Tokyo Dominica offers a variety of delicious soup curries. It is about a 15 minute walk from KCP, with address at 3-4-1 Kyobashi, 2F TM Ginza Bldg. Chuo 104-0031, Tokyo Prefecture.

The view inside from the entrance. | KCP Flickr

This restaurant is very cool in that it has a very culturally unique interior inside. The way it works:

  • Ask for an English menu. There are many decisions you have to make for your soup curry and an English menu will help avoid confusion. 
  • You pick what soup curry you want, including what meat you want with it.
  • You then select what type of broth in your soup curry you want and what level of spiciness you’re brave enough to try.
  • You can also add extra ingredients for about 50 yen.

This restaurant is a delicious and fun way to explore different foods in Tokyo. I definitely recommend it!

Yummy soup curry meal! | KCP Flickr

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