KCP Summer 2015 Alumna May Leung Shares Her Japan Experience

KCP International has been working with U.S. universities for over 20 years. Each year, KCP hosts students from more than 50 American colleges and universities.

Meet May Leung, a KCP alumna from Summer term 2015. A graduate of Nursing from Rhode Island College, she was a proud recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

May describes her KCP experience as the best summer of her life. She thanks the Benjamin A. Gilman Program for their financial support, Rhode Island College for their help, and new friends for an unforgettable summer.

Like May, you’ll realize that it’s not just about the Japanese language you learned while in Japan. Living in another country can give you a wealth of worldliness. You can come back home bringing with you newfound insights, you may see things from a different point of view, and perhaps even possess a clarity you could never have gained without your travel experience.

After your study abroad experience with KCP, may you be rich with beautiful memories, new friends, and the wisdom of another culture and language.

Check out more of May’s adventures and experiences in Japan in her blog, tokyonippon.tumblr.com!