Summer-Short 2018 Alumna Eline Suverkropp Shares Her KCP Experience

Studying at KCP is a life-changing experience. A term in Japan not only gives you opportunities to learn another language but also insights on the culture and way of life of the Japanese people. It provides occasions to make lasting  friendships with classmates, teachers, and other people you meet while on your sojourn in Japan.

Meet Eline Suverkropp (at left), KCP Summer Short-term 2018 alumna from the Netherlands, as she shares her KCP experience through pictures. Thanks for sharing, Eline!

Akihabara. One of the places that I love visiting! This part of Tokyo is always super fun and there are great shops there.


Asakusa. We took a tour of Asakusa and visited some of the amazing temples there. Tanaka-san’s stories were really interesting!

Bus trip. In the first week we visited Saiko Iyashi no Sato, a traditional Japanese town. Despite the slightly rainy weather, it was still a sight to behold!

Erinji temple garden. On our bus trip to the Yamanashi-prefecture, we also went to Erinji temple where we participated in Zazen meditation. The complex was beautiful and I thought the garden looked so nice and calm.

Fireworks festival fish. On the 21st of July was the annual Adachi fireworks festival! We saw lots of amazing fireworks, but this little fish is my favourite.

Godzilla Shinjuku. When you are wandering in Shinjuku, you come across the big statue of Godzilla. Did you know that Godzilla is actually the official tourism ambassador of Shinjuku?

Sunset dorm Grace Estate.The view from my dorm! Not super special, but I still liked where I lived and think it is nice to also take pictures about the “normal” parts of the trip.