Simone Hansen Shares Her KCP Experience (Part 1 of 3)

Simone Hansen, KCP Summer 2018 alum, from Western Washington University, tells us about KCP in her own words:

“KCP International is a school for teaching people Japanese. The KCP language program is a 16-credit course, which is about the same amount as a full quarter at my university. They also have an optional two credit culture class. The KCP language program is divided into six language level classes.  The teachers at KCP are all extremely nice, and care about you and your grades.

When you first arrive in Japan, you meet up with all of the other English speaking students who are going to be living in the dorm. Once everyone meets up, you get to send off one of your bags and carry the other with you as get led through the subway station along with the other English students living in Ikebukuro dorm. You could also pay and get your second bag delivered the next day as well if you have all of the stuff you need for the night and next day.

Train ride.

At the dorms, before you head off to your room, you get a chance to gain ownership of some items owned by past members of the dorm. I managed to get my hands on a potato peeler, a drainer and a bowl.

Our kitchens are composed of only a burner. The kitchen in the lounge is no different. The lounge is quite small and the first day we arrived, all of us had to crowed into the room, and not everyone was able to sit.


Dorm lounge.

The bedrooms come with one pillow with its case, and a comforter for the futon bed. My room happened to have a bunch of hangers and a can-opener. The room did not come with toilet paper. When you first move in, you have to check and make sure everything looks like it’s working. For my room, my light switch had only 3 light levels, when it was supposed to have 4.

All of the teachers I interacted with at KCP International were very nice, and seemed to be ready to help. There was always someone who spoke English outside of your normal classes that could help you with anything you needed; from help with your classes to asking about how to fill in your residential address (for students with visas).

Dorm bedroom.

Note: If you apply for the dorms you will receive an email that will mention that you can send packages to the dorm. Do not send your packages to your dorm, send them to the KCP International school mailing address instead. They mention this at KCP but it is a good thing to know beforehand. The reason for this is that in Japan, they do not place your packages outside your house—they will arrive around a certain time, and if you are not there when they arrive, they will not deliver the package.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this three-part post!