KCP Fall 2018 Batch Visit Yamanashi!

KCP adds reality to lectures through excursions!

At KCP, students are exposed to Japanese cultural immersion through lectures and organized excursions to some of the most notable happenings in and outside Tokyo. To help students have a firmer grasp of the Japanese way of life, they are exposed to relevant sites, in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan. Typical excursions have included Kamakura, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Nikko, Asakusa Temple, the Imperial Palace, NHK Broadcasting Company, a Sumo beya, Kabuki and Bunraku theaters and Yamanshi. Aside from being exposed to Japanese culture, students are able to get to know each other and have fun together outside a classroom setting.

Join KCP’s Fall 2018 batch of students as they experience Yamanashi!

See more photos at our Flickr page, here.