The Importance of Documenting Your KCP Experience in Japan

Studying in a different country will give you a life changing experience that you can use back at home in all your future endeavors. Japan is a top choice for its excellent educational standards, rich cultural heritage, and is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world!

While studying in Japan, it would be wonderful to look back on your trip with fond memories. Documenting your stay will help you remember as well as share your adventures with KCP in Japan. Here are some of the ways you can document your KCP experience:

Journal. | Billie


A blog (short term for weblog) is basically an online journal or informational website. It is a platform to share the writer’s views on numerous subject matters. Blogging on the other hand, entails skills to run and control a blog using a web page. It involves the know-how of writing, posting, sharing content and linking it to other content related to the subject or where the article was sourced from. Personal blogs are a great way to reach more people interested in the same blog related topics and you can interact with people all around the world.


This is most likely the easiest and most practical way to document your KCP experience in Japan. Most cellphones have a build in camera, and most people have mobile phones.

Sasha Moore, KCP Japan.


It’s so easy to capture a moment with a photograph. It is also so easy and convenient to share your photos with family and friends reel time by uploading them on social media. You can also easily print the images if you feel the need to have a physical copy!


Writing a journal is probably the simplest was to document your KCP Japan experience. Writing down your day-to-day experiences will help you remember what your stay was like in Japan, the friends you’ve made, the places you’ve seen and the food you’ve tried. Journaling is also a great way to be alone with your thoughts and gives you time to think about your experiences in a structured way. When you read through your journal, it will give you vivid memories of what your time was like in Japan.


Vlog means video blog and is a type of blog where most or all of the content is in video format.

Blog. | Xiaobin Liu

 A vlog consists of a video of an event or of yourself, uploading it to the internet and publishing it on a website or personal blog site. Vlogs were initially referred to as podcasts which was a term for both audio and video blogs posts. Nowadays, vlogging has become a mix of blogging and streaming or any of the two as long as there are self-made or first-person videos included.

Whichever way you choose to document your KCP experience in Japan, it’s always a wonderful way to look back on your treasured memories of your stay.