KCP students on a culture trip.

Q & A of KCP Teachers (Part 4)

Here’s the final portion of our Q & A from KCP teachers as they share their thoughts and experiences about the students, the program, and more. Read on!

What are your plans at KCP?

  • I’d like to provide classes that each student at all levels can satisfy.
  • To create an environment that students can enjoy studying and learn proactively.
  • I’d like to make our school and myself as a teacher to be worthwhile for students to come and have classes in person in this growing generation of e-learning and AI systems.
  • I’d like to cultivate students not only to learn the Japanese language but also to understand the Japanese culture and be active in Japanese society.
  • I’d like to create and provide classes that students feel more “useful”.
  • Providing classes that students can think about international matters.
  • Observing each student carefully and disseminate this wonderful job as a Japanese language educator.
  • Courses that are more fun and effective. Guidance for each ability and talent.
  • To create a new education system that fits with the times.
  • Reprogram our curriculum to provide more effective courses and create teaching materials for it.
  • Create a school that can survive in the next 20 years.

KCP students in holding up Japanese characters they learned.

KCP Flickr.

What new things will be seen at KCP?

  • Even if the IT gets advanced, there still would be so many people who would want to come and study at KCP.
  • Flip classroom teaching. Work on programs that students can acquire communicative skills for the time when they get employed in Japan.
  • KCP will care about each other’s communication first then become the school that can respond to various needs from students.
  • KCP will co-exist and co-prosper with IT and work together with tradition and technology.
  • World-level satellite courses by using personal computers.

KCP students gathered for a talk in the campus.

KCP Flickr.

Please tell us any other things that you want to talk about KCP.

  • You get to experience diverse perspectives of people from various countries.
  • In classes, you can select courses that you are interested in. For extracurricular activities, for example, we offer club activities, optional mountain climbing events, soccer games, trips to museums, activities with Japanese volunteers, and more.
  • Instructors provide counseling or advice for each student’s learning progress.
  • When you study, you learn so many things. You can achieve the future that you want if you believe in KCP and yourself.
  • There are chances to know Japanese people and experience its culture at school.
  • KCP is tough but very meaningful.
  • You will grow as a person if you come to KCP for sure!
  • KCP is tough but we provide excellent care.
  • Instructors and students are very close. Students often visit the faculty and staff room casually between the class periods and after school. The staff always tries to support students as much as possible by communicating with students and listening to students.
  • We are looking forward to your participation in our programs!

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