Uniqlo shirt.

KCP Alum Brody Stejskal on Uniqlo

As the seasons started to change from 30 degree winters to 80 summer days, I had to change out of my warm long sleeve shirts and jeans into something a little more breathable. However, during my extensive travels throughout the various shopping districts of Tokyo, I recognized a brand I had seen back home: Uniqlo. I decided to investigate, and here are my observations about this clean-cut Japanese fashion brand that is recently taking the United States by storm.

Uniqlo (pronounced like unique-low) is a Japanese fashion store that sells a wide range of clean-cut wardrobe staples at an unbelievably affordable price. Perusing their clothing racks, I found clothing that would carry me throughout the day, from my classes to the gym to a night out in Tokyo. Their minimalist look is part of a larger minimalist trend that has recently arrived in the United States, as seen with other brands like Theory and Everlane, but at a fraction of their prices. Here are my top two recommendations for men’s clothing.

Uniqlo exclusive lineups and timed releases.Exclusive lineups and timed releases.

The Men’s Oxford slim-fit long-sleeve shirt. I wear a lot of button shirts, with my go-to being oxford shirts: made from cotton and sporting button-down collars, these pair perfectly with chinos, shorts, and even jeans. Given their versatility, I am always on the lookout for a high-quality oxford shirt. After buying a couple, Uniqlo’s oxford shirts have quickly become some of my favorites. Their slim-fit avoids much of the bunching that I experience with some of my other oxfords, and come in six different colors, from the traditional white and blue to even a fun pink. Most of all, their prices are fantastic: at thirty dollars a pop and even less when they are on sale, it is hard to find a superior choice.

Uniqlo button shirts.Price to suit up, $50.

Not only does Uniqlo make great button shirts, but they also make great outerwear. I am a big fan of their Ultra Light Down products, which are incredibly light and provide a great deal of warmth. As an avid outdoorsman, I look for clothing that can be easily layered and can withstand the elements. Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down products, especially their vests, are easily packable (they come with their own little pouch!) and can be easily paired with another jacket or worn by themselves. Furthermore, they cost a fraction of some outdoors clothing companies while providing a comparable warmth.

Overall, this Japanese company is fantastic because they provide well-made, stylish products at an incredibly affordable price. If you are planning to stay here while the weather changes, Uniqlo’s cheap and versatile clothing line can provide you with the warmth or comfort that you need. For a college student like me, I cannot recommend this company and their products enough.

Brody Stejskal is a KCP Winter and Spring 2019 alumnus. Visit here to read more of Brody’s posts!