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Latest KCP Updates: Spring Program, Withdrawals, College Credit, and More

Spring Program

KCP still plans on holding its Spring program, and classes are expected as of today to be held on campus. But there is always a risk that the Japanese government will again close schools and introduce a mandatory self-quarantine period of isolation. It’s been our policy with our future and current students to be as transparent as we can, allowing them as adults to make a decision based on their own health situation, careful and thoughtful monitoring of current events in the world and in Japan, and listening to their schools, parents, loved ones, and any other important parties they may have.

Spring classes will be delayed by one week, and those missed class days will be made up during the Golden Week holiday. We’re planning on providing the placement exam, welcome party, orientation, and some other activities while we wait until the actual classes begin the following week.

Withdrawal and Refund

Students who would like to withdraw with refund or defer to a later term may still do so. Please let us know immediately. We have extended our deadlines and refund and deferment offers to Spring students until March 25. Before that time, students can receive a refund for all but the non-refundable application or visa processing fees (if applicable), defer to a future term, or continue as planned. All Spring participants have been updated with several emails over the past couple weeks regarding the situation on the ground in Japan, and around the world. Students have been asked to carefully consider withdrawing based on the US State Department change to a Level 4, which is a warning for all international travel, CDC warnings, WHO, and their own self-analysis of their individual health conditions.


Take note that flights are cancelling, and international travel may become more scarce or difficult as the USA now has over 19 million people under stay-at-home orders, and this number is likely to go up. It is also important to note that the CDC has increased its risk to Japan and moved it up to a Level 3 advisory, which essentially means, avoid nonessential travel.

If for some reason students at the end of Spring term are having a difficult time returning home because of flight cancellations, KCP will house students at a reduced daily rate for as long as it takes to return home. Students on visas are also allowed a grace period to stay longer than their visa allows in case they are not able to return home for no fault of their own. We will aid any student who may get caught up in this situation if it is reality in June when the program ends.

Homestay Option

Please be advised that the chance of getting a host family is very slim. The Japanese population are taking the government policy of self-isolation very seriously and inviting others from overseas to live in their home during such a time is rare.

College Credit

Many U.S. colleges and universities are demanding students to return home and postpone their study abroad plans. Students who are taking our program for academic credit should contact their school (if they have not yet reached out) and find out what their policies are before making a final decision.

Students attending through our sponsor schools, WWU, the University of Idaho, or Lincoln University, should check with them if they will continue to grant credit or transcript for Spring term. Students attending through one of our affiliate schools are also encouraged to get in touch with them.

Stay Updated

Please review our blog category, Current Events, as we will continue to update when new KCP news becomes available to us. We will do our part to try and make this overseas experience a good one, but there is the possibility of future government announcements that we as a school have to obey and that might affect you as a foreigner in Japan or student at our school. Please be advised.

In addition to the CDC, WHO, and the State Department, this post on the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) may offer some good resources for your review as well:

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!