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Learn and Enjoy the Arts and Culture of Japan from Home (Part 1)

Travelling has always been an avenue to allow us to experience other cultures and traditions. It helps to broaden our understanding and how we view other nationalities. Seeing other places around the world is a real-life learning opportunity. The new normal has put on hold any plans for journeying as of the moment. But it doesn’t mean we have to stop piquing our curiosity.  We can still learn about many  things from home without having to physically travel.

Airbnb Experiences recently went online. It has also partnered with organizations and NGOs for free access to these sessions for isolated seniors. Their online classes are affordable and are a great way to learn from home. You can even do a group booking to make an enjoyable virtual get-together with family and friends!

Check out some of the things you can learn about Japanese arts and culture!

Online meditation

Online meditation.

Learn to meditate with an actual Buddhist Monk

Japanese culture and history has had a strong influence from Buddhism. Buddhism through the years became the Japanese state religion according to national policies; Buddha was made into a Japanese deity and coexisted with other Shinto gods. Meditation is a methodology that seeks to train the mind in way that exercising is an attitude towards training the body. It can be quite challenging for someone new to meditation to sit for hours and think of nothing and “empty the mind”.

Airbnb Online Experiences: Zen through Zoom is an online learning session with  host, Kuniatsu, a Buddhist monk for nearly 20 years. He worked in Shitennoji Temple for 12 years as a monk, doing Zen meditation. The meditation session includes chanting mantra, breathing-out meditation, and interactions with questions and reflections on the practice. Other forms of meditation are also offered such as meditation with a candle or mirror, Qigong, Sutra copying, and counting meditation. It’s an experience worth trying!

Manga artist drawing

Manga art.

Learn to draw manga

Manga (漫画) are original Japanese comic books with a solid niche of followers from all around the world. The Japanese term manga refers to cartooning and comics or whimsical sketches. Outside Japan, manga can simply mean comic books published in Japan. The origin of manga may date back all the way to 12th century scrolls. Manga plays a large part in the Japanese publishing industry and has gained following from many avid manga fans worldwide.

Airbnb Online Experiences: Learn to Draw with Japan’s Manga University is an online class that teaches you to draw manga characters from the head down to the toes.

This class teaches you the techniques used when creating manga for Shonen Sunder and other such publications in Japan. You will learn to draw from the head first, and how to create vivid expressions of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and the head of luscious locks that all manga characters are known for. The body covers the male and female character proportions. Once you have completed the sketch of your character from top to bottom, it’s time to play the couturier and make your imagination run wild by designing clothing. You will learn how to draw clothes that look natural and three-dimensional that will surely bring out your creative juices!